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Connected by Sancal at Habitat Valencia

Blank Canvas was the guiding thread of Escenas (scenes) at Habitat Valencia, as it was at the last edition of the Salone. On this occasion Estudio Sancal took up the concept literally to merge the work area with a purely exhibition area.

Undoubtedly, the central piece that connected all the areas was the Link fun, impressive composition: 11 links joined together to give free rein to creativity: a free sitting that has been captured by many of our visitors.

Each of the 4 new scenes represents an aesthetic approach to show the chameleon-like essence of the brand and exemplify the versatility of its products. In a very conceptual way, with few decorative elements and the theatrical of large curtains, each scene acquires its own identity.


Folk Scene.

It is an eclectic scene that incorporates ethnic elements and emphasises the materiality and tactility of the furniture through textures, fabrics and finishes.

The palette, based on earthy colours with touches of green and desaturated shades, brings sobriety to a timeless environment.

In this fluid and full of character space, the most contemporary pieces show a natural aesthetic that brings tradition to the present. This living and dining room are small in size, so the compact Duo Mini fits in perfectly, while the Dividuals poufs offer extra seating. The Vestige tables are represented as dining table and coffee table both with black bases – in stained oak, and lacquered finish respectively. Magnum and Roll are the chairs chosen to complete the dining room.


Tech Scene.

We revisit the future as a guiding line for a scene inspired by industrial environments. Metal finishings and neutral colours for an almost bare atmosphere; although it may seem distant, even cold, it is actually calm. The subtle counterpoint of the decorative elements makes it warmer and more comfortable.

Clean and minimal, the living room is conceived as an open, bright space. The Duo Maxi sectional programme offers a relaxed seating, just like the Elle Mini armchairs. Several Mosaico tables create an original table composition. The Estante shelf and the Totem side table complete this singular room.


Pop Scene.

An explosion of colour and geometries for the most playful scene. Estudio Sancal rethinks the traditional concept of a living space and shows a fresh, informal alternative that, as well as being inhabited, it is enjoyed.

Curved, smooth and organic silhouettes for functional furniture with extraordinary volumes and irregular structures. Sculptural and bold.

Also, experimental and conceptual. Link and Loop play with the cylinder as a formal element to create two families of seats that offer new ways of sitting. The base of Vesper presents an innovative and flexible material, composed of stone and resin. Colour is also understood as a plastic element.


Neo Modern Scene.

Mid-twentieth century modernity inspires the most sophisticated scene. Glamorous reminiscences for this living room that is a formal homage to the mid-century aesthetic, reinterpreted through an unexpected colour palette and new icons.

Neutral, earthy tones enhance its timeless character. However, shades of vibrant green and blue notes, create fresh, chromatic contrasts.

The selection of furniture is characterised by its solemnity, reinforced by the exquisite and exuberant finishes. The Momic modular programme is the centrepiece, upholstered in an elegant corduroy fabric, complemented by the seductive Diwan and the sculptural Remnant armchairs. The pleasure of living understood as luxury.


Besides the products on display in the 4 scenes, other new ones have been introduced independently. The Body chair by Sylvain Willenz shows the versatility of its single structure and the unlimited possibilities for customisation thanks to the different bases and finishes available; the recently launched colours, finishes and sizes for the well-known Pion family of tables, small tables and stool by Ionna Vautrin, as well as the Tonella Maxi armchair by Note, which offers a wider and more comfortable seating position. Or the surprising Faces tables by Nathan Yong, because depending on the perspective we can appreciate a friendly face or an abstract piece.

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Images by María Mira.

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