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Primary and secondary, vibrant or pastel, natural or artificial, satin or matte, opaque or translucent, all colour motivates us, even brown!

Colour is the language we use to express a world of emotions.

We were born under the Spanish sun some forty years ago and remain there to this day. Our Spanish identity: passionate, open, joyful yet humble is captured in every design.

We are our proud of our artisans and would not dream of outsourcing our carefully crafted pieces to foreign sweat shops. Over the past few years this authenticity has become highly appreciated, catapulting the firm to one of prominence in Spain.

People are at the core of Sancal’s ethos: we create for, and are thankful for, the discerning. We design balanced products with a strong identity, but which can be personalized at the same time, because the diversity of humanity is the measure of everything.

Sancal has a particular design far from the conventional and without the limitations of the perfectly-matched environment; a contemporary style, timeless and eclectic with which we evolve. Our premise is to design products which go forward with us, which bring value and allow us to create personal, singular spaces.

Love and humour are our secret ingredients to have fun. At Sancal, we enjoy what we do; each product is a labour of love.

Santiago was just twenty when he decided to set up shop on his own manufacturing classic Marie Antoinette style chairs. As demand grew, he enlisted the help of his brother Pepe and his wife Concha. Together, they transformed Sancal into the family company that it is today.

Sick of tufts and gold thread Santiago pivoted towards modern design. Sancal’s revolution coincided with a new period of openness and democracy in Spain.

Nowadays the company is owned and run by the Castaño-Carpena family. Santiago, José, Antonio and Elena are the sole shareholders. They have been joined by other members of the family who guarantee the future of this exciting venture.

Sancal’s interest in design has evolved over the years. As an introverted rationalist, Santiago has always found design to be the best way to do away with the superfluous. This personal philosophy guided the company during its first decades.

The new century saw the artistic direction of the company being handed onto Santiago’s talented daughters Esther and Elena. Their take on design is more hedonistic and extroverted, where communication becomes part of a product’s function. The Natural, Flash, Tierra, Grafica, Futura and Enigma collections are testament to this evolution.

We feel profound respect for all creative professionals. This means that whatever project that we embark on, no matter how small, is directed by industrial, graphic or interior designers.

For Sancal design should be a source of: Innovation, to develop new concepts and improve existing products. Simplicity, to make our lives easier. Closeness, to make the new familiar. Creativity, to thrill us.

This personal culture of design is possible, and enriched by, our incessant collaboration with designers from around the world. Their personalities impregnate each and every product.

80 people work in two factories, both in Yecla, Spain. Our combined manufacturing space totals more than 16,000 m2. We manufacture around 30,000 seats per year. Our turnover stands at around 11 million euros and our products can be found in over 90 countries.

A quick flick through our catalogue will leave you in no doubt that we are predominantly upholstery manufacturers. Yet our interest goes beyond the merely functional – the same pages clearly show our appreciation for a broad cross section of visual arts.

As a medium-sized family company with forty years of experience, we are free to produce pieces that we truly believe in, without the pressures of short term profiteering. Our factory units reflect this philosophy boasting huge murals that communicate a joie de vivre to every last corner of our company. None of this would be possible if we did not let our hair down and follow our emotions.

As you would expect, we have both the ISO9001 and ISO14001 total quality and environmental certification. Yet our concern goes way beyond the requirements of any norm.

As a family company run with the next generation in mind, we reject the premise of the throw-away society, carefully designing pieces that will stand the test of time.

Within our manufacturing process we start with wood from renewable sources and carefully separate our residuals for recycling. Solar panels on our factories produce all the electricity we need.

We have been helping to create homes since our inception, and now, that care and comfort has become valued in a wide variety of public spaces.

Our array of products makes us an ideal partner for projects as diverse as a small loft in Soho, a waiting room in a dental clinic, a restaurant or an entire hotel.

Some of the world’s most renowned companies have used Sancal in their projects. We are proud that our products are contributing to the wellbeing of people around the world, be it in the office, during a trip in a hotel, enjoying a meal in a restaurant or relaxing at home.

We have conceived El Garaje (the Garage) in Madrid, La Nave in Brussels, the Backstage in Stockholm and La Fábrica (the Factory) in Yecla as permanent and exclusively exhibition spaces for professionals.
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