Salone del Mobile 2022

Creating memories. Living experiences.

This was undoubtedly one of the most eagerly awaited editions of the Salone, a reencounter as emotional as it was longed for. We are humbled by the warm response to the new products and the special decorative scenes created for the occasion.

Working with Studiopepe and Teklan has been a great pleasure and privilege. Through their eyes, our products have been the protagonists of two equally seductive scenes, responding to our desire to frame and interpret our furniture from different perspectives and creative styles, as personal as they are inspiring.

Stand de Sancal en el Salone del Mibile, Milán.
Milanese Splendour. Studiopepe.
Esplendor Milanés por Studiopepe.

This Escena (scene) a living room that is sophisticated, yet warm and welcoming. The broad iconographic background and admiration for avant-garde Italian design defines Chiara and Arianna’s style. The formal approach, the chromatic play and the passion for textures mark a meticulous and eclectic project for Sancal. A poetic vision for a pure design.

A functional, clean and very iconographic interior design. The contemporary nature of the scene is reinforced by the eclecticism of the pieces chosen for furnishing and decorating. Their sculptural and soothing shapes intermingle with delicate art works to set an atmosphere that is as luxurious as it is warmth. Studiopepe demonstrates their expertise and redefines the pleasure of living in the home. If you want to know more about it, click here.

Complete the design experience of this scene by listening to the Milanese splendour playlist we set up for the occasion.

An Apartment of one’s own. Teklan.
Un Apartamento Propio por Teklan.

Tekla’s artistic sensibility defines her Escena. A fresh and lively vision in which transitions are fluid and natural, showing her passion for shapes and bold colour combinations. Its three colour block atmospheres are vibrant and calm at the same time, an intimate space to live in. And also shared. Details that make everyday life extraordinary.

Tekla shares her particular idea of “slow living”, giving shape to a contemporary and very personal home. An environment that blends its Scandinavian heritage with Mediterranean freshness eclectically. The inspiration from which she draws blends her dreamlike interpretation of both cultures and styles with a singular naturalness. Personal, creative and joyful. Delicate and energetic. Unexpected. If you want to know more about this one, click here.

Complete the design experience of this scene by listening to the “An apartment of one’s own” playlist we set up for the occasion.

Lienzo en blanco. Estudio Sancal.

The third scene was designed by our own studio based on a more neutral, calm palette as a counterpoint to the other scenes. It’s a way of giving prominence to the designs per se. Designed as a lobby that serves both as a distributor and a workspace for the sales team and customers, its main purpose was to create a cosy lounge area to welcome and connect with the other two scenes. Click here for more details.

In short, Escenas by Sancal shows different visions of the product and the space. A reflection about the difference of personalities and needs: both of those who design it and those who are going to live in it.

In Esther’s words, “diversity is the greatest wealth that we must preserve in such a globalised world”. Without renouncing creativity, Sancal believes in the responsibility of designing spaces that last over time. Not only for their aesthetics. Also for their quality. That’s why we want our furniture to be durable, timeless. Time adds value to things. And beautifies them.

If you want to know what products were exhibited during the Salone, read this post and access all of them.

Acknowledgements & Credits.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who have participated in this project for their efforts and affection:

Builder: La Galería

Photography: María Teresa Furnari

Teklan’s Video: Fredrik Bengtsson
Studiopepe and stand Video: Variante Artística
Estudio Sancal’s Video: Mister Estudio
Edition: Jose Azorín.

Playlists: Eduardo Piqueras.


Esplendor Milanés x Studiopepe: Stilnovo | Lamps, 1+1 Gallery | Ceramics, Valeria Vasi | Vases, Mariotti Fulget | Tiles and Radici | CarpetFor more information about these firms, please visit this link.

Un Apartamento Propio x Teklan: Huguet Mallorca | Terrazzo, MH Parquets | Wooden floor, Valerie Objects | Arch Lamp, Atelier Areti | Wall lamps, Panijurek | Lamp, Milla Vaahtera | Ceiling lamp, Arrange Studio| Table Lamp, Can Family | Artworks, Adriana Jaros | Art Sculpture, Maison Balzac | Glassware, Stilleben | Tableware, Raawii | Vases, Goodmoods | Bottle VasesVola | Tap, Alguacil & Perkoff | Mirrors, Louise Bankander | Art Podiums, Sara Murphy | Sculpture Vase. For more information about these firms, please visit this link.

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