Designed in the Savile Row tradition.


estudiHac’s José Manuel Ferrero might be Spanish, but his approach to design is akin to the bespoke tailoring of Mayfair.

This range of soft seating pays homage to the very British elegance. The gentleman designer has drawn inspiration from the glasses of cognac that members of exclusive London clubs cradle in their hands as they debate politics.

Comprising stools, lounge chairs and dining chairs, the range has been designed to withstand both demanding public spaces and domestic use. Even the smallest spaces can now enjoy luxurious comfort with these compact, fully upholstered pieces.

The products can all be customised by selecting from a wide array of options. The base has two versions, an extra mate lacquered or gold plated plinth, or a central lacquered column. In both cases the rotation mechanism auto-centres. The dining chairs are available in five versions: an upholstered base, extra mate lacquered or gold electroplated metal legs, stained wood or extra mate lacquered metal central leg. The bases of the bar stools’ legs are also available in extra mate lacquer or gold plated metal.


"Design for visionary customers looking for tailored elegance."
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