Día & Noche.


Fiesta is a commemorative and exclusive textile designed for and by Sancal, to celebrate an important milestone: fifty years furnishing the most varied spaces. It’s been developed together with the textile company Byborre.

Día y Noche (Day and Night) are the definitive Fiesta tones that will form part of our permanent collection of textiles and will be available for all our pieces. We have chosen the infallible black and white duo because they share elegance and timelessness.

Opposites, they share a characteristic print, creating a perfect contrast between sobriety and fun. The firm’s cheerful spirit is reflected in the pattern designed by Estudio Sancal which will bring a subtle touch of joy to any interior.

A truly three-dimensional surface that is both soft and interesting to the touch. The combinations of yarns selected to create a deep mélange. The oversized pattern means that the fabrics will never be cut in exactly the same way leading to unique products.

Its knitted construction and composition, which includes 60% merino wool (softer than regular wool), enhances natural elasticity to enable products to be tightly tailored, adapting perfectly to the contours and silhouettes while minimizing wrinkling. The wool is combined with recycled polyester.

These state-of-the-art materials are durable, resistant, and less harmful to the environment. During manufacturing more sustainable processes minimize its impact by reducing water consumption by 45% when compared to conventional textiles, energy 15% and carbon 22%, without the use of harmful chemical products. The textiles are Oeko-Tex and Global Recycled Standard certified, verifying responsible environmental and chemical practices.

The fabric meets both European and US fire retardant norms, without the use of toxic chemicals.

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Diseño gráfico por Estudio Sancal.
Diseño y desarrollo web por Sixtudio.
Graphic design por Estudio Sancal.
Web design and development bÿ Sixtudio.

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