Industrial “trompe l'oeil”.


What does Roll suggest you? Do you know what it’s for?

Perhaps Roll chair’s complex simplicity may mislead you at first, as well as its inspirational concept. Maybe this is the most ironic and contemporary design created by Mut. Inspired by the leg presses that can be found in gyms, this original seat rejects the main role of these machines: Roll offers rest to those who need a calm pause.

Avoiding superfluous ornaments and details, the Valencian creatives reduce the conventional shape of a chair to two pure elements: steel tubes and two cylindrical pads for back and seat. Their passion for the inner charm of simple things and the rounded figures are part of Mut’s hallmarks and they are also present in their new design for Sancal.

Its unusual silhouette turns an industrial object into a work of art, extenuated still further if stacked to form a sculptural figure. In this way, Roll combines balance, beauty and functionality.

The short list of materials used does not limit the possibilities for personalization, as their cushions can be upholstered in any of Sancal’s fabrics and twelve lacquers colours available for the metal structure. On the other hand, this rationalization of raw materials makes it more sustainable and simplifies its recycling process once its useful life has ended; although we anticipate it will be very long as Roll is designed to last, both for its timeless design and its quality.

Roll is part of Museo Collection.

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"We aimed to experiment and redefine everyday objects."
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