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Sancal x Studiopepe

Milanese splendour. An avant-Garde inspired environment where pops pf colour create striking contrasts against earthy tones. Sculptural furniture plays with asymmetrical volumes and pieces of art.

DIWAN by PerezOchando
MAGNUM by estudiHac
VESPER by Sebastian Herkner
TOTEM by Sylvain Willenz
ROLL by Mut
MOMIC by Rafa García
TORTUGA by Isaac Piñeiro
PION by Ionna Vautrin
ESTANTE by Juan Ibáñez


The contemporary nature of the scene is reinforced by the eclecticism of the materials chosen for furnishing and decorating. The finishes create fluid transitions and enhances textures when combined with each other. Sculptural and soothing shapes intermingle with delicate art works to set an atmosphere that is as luxurious as it is warmth.

Several companies have collaborated with Sancal for the setting of this scene. Special thanks to:

Stilnovo | Lamps

Founded in 1946, Stilnovo was one of the first Italian companies of the post-WWII period to combine fledgling industrial design with the most famous names in international architecture, stamping its mark on the history of lighting thanks to intuition, irony and superb partnerships. Many of Stilnovo’s best-known lamps are authentic icons of Italian design, created by the top designers of the twentieth century and showcased in museums, permanent collections and prestigious exhibitions all over the world.

Contact. Stilnovo
IG Profile. @stilnovoofficial

Topo Terra

1+1 Gallery | Ceramics

Founded in Milan in 2017, 1+1 is a curated gallery offering a personal selection of pieces by Italian modern design masters, that also collaborates with contemporary artists and designers for specific projects.

The history of Ceramica Arcore, founded in 1967, is inextricably linked to the name of Nanni Valentini, one of the most important Italian ceramicists and artists of the second half of the 20th Century. But we must not forget the essential figures of Marco Terenzi and his sister Tina, Valentini’s wife, founders of the workshop.

Their 20 year long work resulted in a small series of art pottery, featuring both utilitarian and decorative pieces, that combined the skillful gres crafting by Terenzi with the expressive enameling by Valentini, in an union that matches Giorgio Morandi inspired palette with eastern suggestions, placing itself on the same quality level of the coeval research by artists such as Bruno Gambone, Alessio Tasca, Carlo Zauli and others.

The pieces on view have been selected by Studiopepe out of larger collection of vases, plates, lidded containers and bowls, all acquired by 1+1 from a 1970s private collection.

Contact. [email protected] 
IG Profile. @1plus1gallery

Ceramica Arcore. Lidded container.
Ceramica Arcore. Vase.
Ceramica Arcore. Wall plate.
Ceramica Arcore. 3 vases.
Ceramica Arcore. Centerpiece.

Mariotti Fulget | Tiles

Since 1926, the Mariotti company has been producing highly resistant concrete and marble grit tiles for indoor and outdoor use in the civil, industrial and private sectors.

Contact. [email protected]
IG Profile. @mariottifulget

Valeria Vasi | Vases

Valeria Vasi is born from the fascination for the design of objects, sculptures and visual art. Her pieces express the inspiration taken from design and art but they also convey the importance of finding the perfect balance of artistic expression, utility and functionality.

Valeria Vasi’s pieces are hand-crafted in Barcelona which makes each piece unique and authentic.

Contact. [email protected]
IG Profile. @valeria.vasi

Konos vase
Kaori vase
Vacuum vase
You vase

Radici | Carpet

In an increasingly globalized world, Radici does not deny his own philosophy and roots. Quality is always been their keyword, indivisible from Made in Italy. Radici tradition goes hand in hand with innovation, putting the most advanced textile technology at the service of creativity.

Since 1950 Radici blends history, style, innovation and design in the textile world.

Contact. Radici
IG Profile. @radicicontract

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