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An apartment of one’s own. A space that mixes the Scandinavian lifestyle with Mediterranean flair, selecting furniture that is functional yet exuberant. The use of colour blocks creates a fresh, vibrant scene.

A comfortable environment that, in addition to being inhabited, aspires to become a space to enjoy and show the passions of those who are destined to live in it. Materials and everyday objects blends with singular simplicity to offer her particular, dreamlike interpretation of an eclectic, contemporary apartment where tradition and humble materials meets modern lifestyle.

DUO MINI by Rafa García
FACES by Nathan Yong
TOTEM by Sylvain Willenz
NUDO by Juan Ibáñez
PION by Ionna Vautrin
LINK by Raw Color
TEA by estudiHac
Body by Sylvain Willenz
NEXT STOP by Nichetto Studio


Several companies have collaborated with Sancal for the setting of this scene. Below you can find a list of all the brands that have collaborated with us.

Huguet Mallorca | Terrazzo

Huguet is a family company that has been manufacturing hydraulic tiles, cement tiles and terrazzo since 1933. The handmade production gives character and quality to their products, which stand out for their natural finish, for their craftsmanship, for their excellent ageing and, in short, for their nobility and elegance.

Huguet is positioned as one of the main companies specialised in bespoke cement and terrazzo pieces. Its philosophy is to put the trade, craftsmanship and technical innovation to achieve the unique and to achieve the unique and personalised pieces that they need.

Web. huguetmallorca.com
Contact. [email protected]
IG Profile. @huguetmallorca

Huguet Terrazzo

MH Parquets | Wooden floor

MH Parquets is a family business with a vocation and love for wood. Since its foundation in 1960, they have been characterized by our innovative spirit and a great respect for nature. Over five decades, they have introduced the most modern industrial techniques for the treatment of wood thanks to the commitment to R&D, but never forgetting the artisan essence that remains alive in the family.

Web. mhparquets.com
Contact. [email protected]
IG Profile. @mhparquets

MH parquet Espiga
MH parquet Espiga

Valerie Objects | Arch Lamp

valerie_objects is a belgian high-end design label which mission consists of allowing extraordinary designers and artists to translate their signature style into tangible objects, in order to reinstall an aesthetic meaning to the tools and objects we use every day. in short: give daily objects their beauty back.

Web. www.valerie-objects.com
Contact. [email protected]
IG Profile. @valerie_objects

Green Lamp

Atelier Areti | Wall lamps

Atelier Areti is an interdisciplinary design studio established by sisters Gwendolyn and Guillane Kerschbaumer.

Gwendolyn and Guillane’s background is in visual arts – drawing and sculpture, architecture and design. Their work reflects this interest in both the object and space, exploring and existing between the sculptural quality of the object and its spatial dynamic.

Web. www.atelierareti.com
Contact. [email protected]
IG Profile. @atelier_areti

Disc and Sphere Glass
Disc and Sphere Glass
Tube circle triangle

Panijurek | Lamp

Pani Jurek was founded by Magda Jurek, an artist and designer. She graduated in painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw and brings a conceptual approach to her work with the aim of creating products which are not obvious and not standard. She designs products which you can changed and rearranged with space and which also awaken your own creativity.

Web. www.panijurek.pl
Contact. [email protected]
IG Profile. @panijurek

TRN lighting

Milla Vaahtera | Table lamp

Milla Vaahtera is a creative and an artist working in Helsinki. She is most known for her Dialogue series, mobiles and stabiles, in which she combines bold glass parts with delicate brass. The process of making Dialogue pieces is based on dialogue and improvisation. Recently she has created a series of sculptural lights made out of brass and hand blown glass and a sculptural serving ware collection as a continuum of working with glass.

Web. millavaahtera.com
Contact. [email protected]
IG Profile. @millavaahtera

Mushroom lamp

Can Family | Artworks

Stine Maria Aalykke is a well-established artist and illustrator. For 15 years she has been running the gallery Can Family in Vesterbro with her family, in Copenhagen.

Can Family is like a can filled with oddities – an infinite universe, a cornucopia of color and form, music and magic. Working as a family, as a creative force, staying curious and trying new things strengthens their creative language, style, and love and has become the heart and soul of Can Family.

Web. www.yeswecancan.com
Contact. [email protected]
IG Profile. @can_family

Taking a break 1
Taking a break 2

Adriana Jaros | Art Sculpture

Adriana Jaros works at the intersection of art and experience. The essence of a memory is everything about it that people can’t put into words. She uses her practice to retell stories – through a mural, a performance, an interior space – giving second life to a memory that has shaped her.

​Energy transfers in the briefest moments: a smile, a short visit to a space, a conversation with a stranger. The imprint of that energy supersedes romance and poetry. It instead creates parallel lives, giving birth to breathable, translatable experiences that are both personal and universal. Art can be a map back to a powerful memory. Her purpose is to evoke emotions through rituals and processes – a cycle towards future shared and enriched experiences.

Web. www.adrianajaros.com
Contact. [email protected]
IG Profile. @adrianajaros_


Maison Balzac | Glassware

Maison Balzac is an expression of pure imagination through the creation of novel objects and scented worlds.

Decorative objects are beautiful and inventive. Rêverie-like, they seem to take on a life of their own, with ceramic and marble artefacts for sensory rituals and kaleidoscopic arrangements of jewel-toned glassware.

Web. eu.maisonbalzac.com
Contact. [email protected]
IG Profile. @maisonbalzac


Arrange Studio| Table Lamp

Arrange Studio is a South African design, run by Roxanne Ferreira. Their aim is to create spaces and products that fill people with joy and enhance the way we live. They strive to design as timeless and as consciously as possible, while simultaneously sharing their love of colour.

Web. arrangestudio.co.za
Contact. [email protected]
IG Profile. @arrange_studio

Paradise Light
Paradise Light
Paradise Light
Paradise Light

Raawii | Vases

raawii creates design with attitude. Versatile and always powerful, significant and refined at the same time.

raawii was established in 2017 by Bo Raahauge and Nicholai Wiig-Hansen. The two founders describe the company as a dynamic life design. They share the great passion for creating and seeing the created growth in a working life and a life work, where they navigate to three central goals: products with strong proportions, production with respect for people, the environment and society, and space and scope for designers.

Web. raawii.dk
Contact. [email protected]
IG Profile. @raawii.dk

Omar Sosa Vase Tawny
Omar Sosa Coral
Omar Sosa Vase Coral
Omar Sosa Vase Tawny

Volver | Rug

Volver is a Norwegian design studio that offers curated collections of premium rugs for private and public spaces. Volver aims to enrich the notion of Scandinavian design with a vibrant diversity of artistic and individual expressions.

Web. www.volverstudios.com
Contact. [email protected]
IG Profile. @volverstudios

Clouds rug
Clouds rug

Goodmoods | Bottle Vases

GOODMOODS captures the spirit of the times and unites the best of creation. Goods version through singular objects, Moods version through stories of styles.

Web. www.goodmoods.com
Contact. [email protected] 
IG Profile. @goodmoods

Coffret La Consigne
Coffret La Consigne

Stilleben | Tableware

Stilleben was founded in 2002 by Ditte Reckweg and Jelena Schou Nordentoft. Their shared passion for good craftsmanship and peculiar objects has been part of Stilleben since the very beginning.

Today Stilleben designs and produces their own collections of tableware, textiles and interior. The Tableware Collection comprises glazed stoneware, mouth blown glassware and linen textiles. Each product is made to work equally well on their own and as part of an expanding collection.

Web. stilleben.dk
Contact. [email protected]
IG Profile. @stilleben_dk


Vola | Tap

VOLA has epitomised the enduring power of craft, style, sustainability and honest materials for five decades.

Made only in Horsens, Denmark, VOLA prides itself on its design heritage and exceptional craftsmanship. Their products are celebrated design icons, unchanged for 50 years. A lifelong investment in quality and purity.

Web. vola.com
Contact. Vola
IG Profile. @volaspain

KV1 Tap

Alguacil & Perkoff | Mirror

Alguacil & Perkoff was created by founding directors José Luis Alguacil Rodríguez and Serge Perkoff with the aim to help create distinctive, beautiful and harmonious interiors through the design and careful selection of original and exquisite collections of mirrors and other interior design elements.

Web. theapshop.com
Contact. [email protected]
IG Profile. @alguacilperkoff_mirrors

Orbis Gold
Orbis Blue

Louise Bankander | Art Podiums

In a world of shapes Louise Bankander imagines the areas of art, fashion and fotografi. She works with different materials, like plexiglass, textile or wood. Currently she’s tied to cork. Exploring the properties of a material in a mental state of courage, entusiasm and happiness leads to her artworks.

Her artwork for Teklan is inspired by the raw structures that can be found in nature and by different artefacts suc as buoys and fishing floats

Web. louisebankander.portfoliobox.net
Contact. Louise Bankander
IG Profile. @louisebankander

Floating Sculpture
Floating sculpture

Sara Murphy | Sculpture Vase

Sarah Murphy has been involved in the arts since childhood. Growing up in Washington, DC, she was exposed to a thriving arts community and some of the world’s best museums. She graduated from Bard College, in 2007 with a major in Fine Art Photography. She lives in Austin, Texas, with her husband and two dogs.

Contact. [email protected]
IG Profile. @heymurphy

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