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We talked to Teklan, Studiopepe and Estudio Sancal!

For the last edition of the Salone, Estudio Sancal collaborated with two well-known studios to create domestic scenes with the iconic Sancal furniture. We also gave them the word to tell us about the development and creation process of these inspiring projects.

An eclectic and very personal apartment X Teklan.

Her concept addresses the Scandinavian lifestyle while incorporating Sancal’s Mediterranean influences, selecting furniture that is as functional as it is exuberant in shape and colour. The use colour blocks create a vibrant and fresh scene. More info about An Apartment of One’s Own.

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A sophisticated living room X Studiopepe.

The designers create a lifestyle that puts the well-being of its inhabitants first while remaining chic. The structural elements, materials and textures create striking visual contrasts and give warmth to an environment that balances earthy tones with intense pops of colour. The furniture selected plays with asymmetrical volumes and the art pieces created ad hoc by the studio. Discover the Milanese Splendour project.

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Sancal’s catalogue versatility X Estudio Sancal.

Three spaces were created by different creative souls to show Sancal’s furniture versatility, as well how, in the same period of time, different styles can be started, with different influences and coexist without going out of fashion. A Blank Canvas project information.

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Graphic design por Estudio Sancal.
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