Neither a bag nor a backpack

Just Sin Pistols

There is only one appropriate word in the whole world to describe the Sin Pistols and it is “something to say when you have nothing to say”: Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.

This intricately expression is used to define something “extraordinarily good”, which gives good vibes. And this is what people feels when wearing the singular Sin Pistols: when you use them once you can’t stop wearing it.

Sin Pistols is a unisex, versatile, discreet and lightweight accessory for carrying small objects with you. Nothing has to do with Mary Poppins bag, but just like the happy governess you can keep everything you need: keys, mobile, passport, business cards, lipstick, sunglasses…

The zippers in the two side pockets keep our belongings safe and also have an aesthetic function. The injected YKK branded nylon zips are world renowned for their high quality.

Every detail has been thought of today´s lifestyle, like the outer eyelet to have the headphones connected to a mobile device.

Pampering every outfit, Sin Pistols can be used for the workday and also for leisure moments.

Which version do you like the most?

Sin Pistols Ash and Navy

Ash and Navy take their tones from nature hues, inspired the first of them by the limestones and the second by the starry nights.

They are made with a tissue which combines wool, silk, viscose and linen to create a pleasant, tough texture. The straps are made of sustainable recycled leather with a velvety touch.

Sin Pistols Brick y Jean

Jean is a tribute to cowboys, rebels without a cause and hippies, a nod to the most universal fabric, essential in any wardrobe, while Brick takes its colour from Grand Canyon red clays.

Both of them are made with ultra-tough Trevira Cs fabric. Their recycled leather straps have the same tone as the holsters, a sophisticated detail in this energetic version.

Sin Pistols Carbon y Taupe

Both options are the most serene tones of the collection, an elegant option as a counterpoint to the most transgressive outfits.

For their manufacture, the ultra-resistant Trevira Cs fabric has been used again, with strong yet soft polyester belts.

Sin Pistols Lemon y Snow

Made with Rift knitted fabric, they are the most provocative proposal. Its original pattern is inspired by the cracks on parched earth and it is an exclusive design by Estudio Sancal.

The soft polyester straps and the Y shaped piece on the back made from transparent vinyl, give the holster a casual, sophisticated touch.

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