Rift by Sancal

Thirsty for colour

Under the artistic guidance of Esther and Elena Castaño-López, go beyond what is established is not a problem. Estudio Sancal loves letting go of their creative versatility and take on new challenges, always related to the extroverted identity of the firm and with the commitment to contribute to creating very emotionally charged spaces.

As a result of this creative freedom and its curiosity for the exploration of new fields, Estudio Sancal has launched itself into the textile design with Rift, an ultra-tough knitted fabric designed exclusively by and for the firm. Both the design of its pattern and the colours chosen don´t make the firm´s lovers remain indifferent.

This new fabric is very present in Jungla, the latest collection presented at the Salone del Mobile de Milano and it´s also a new product range available at COSAS, Sancal’s new line of lifestyle accessories.

Rift is inspired by the cracks on parched earth. The fractured surface effect has been visually reproduced and it reminds us desert landscape. However, the skilful confection of this fabric provides a soft and pleasant touch.

The chromatic range takes black as a base and create a vibrant contrast with yellow or white, while combinations of black and green, blue or red hues are more simple combos.

This fireproof fabric is very versatile. Its most vibrant palette has been bravely introduced in COSAS through fashion accessories and home garments, while Estudio Sancal suggests the sober colours to stand out any large piece of upholstery furniture.

Let’s see some of its almost unlimited applications:

Mousse, the modular seating by Rafa García, loses its sweet innocence when upholstering its soft shapes with Rift Brick.


Mullit, the new chair designed by Yonoh for Sancal, comes from the crazy idea of a “cushion with legs”. The use of this fabric reinforces the fluffy effect, since Rift textile provides a smooth and exquisite touch.


Nido family by Rafa García wears Rift for the presentation of the chair, as functional as the chair, but lighter. The chair’s contour is highlighted by a black piping, which perfectly combines with the depth of Rift pattern.


La Isla by NOTE is perhaps the best example of how a discreet piece can lose its blush when its upholstered with a textile with a very strong identity, without losing the elegance of its seductive curves.


Rift also gives its name to a unique family of accessories available in COSAS. From a wide selection of cushions which provide a sparkling touch of colour, to a cute pencil case or an original cover for tablets and other electronic devices.


Finally, Sancal flirts with fashion with the design of Sin Pistols holster bag, which accentuates the versatility of this fabric: two of the boldest versions have been made with it: Lemon and Snow.

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Diseño gráfico por Estudio Sancal.
Diseño y desarrollo web por Sixtudio.
Graphic design por Estudio Sancal.
Web design and development bÿ Sixtudio.

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