Zero, a new “stitch” for the upholstery sector

Knitting stories creates ties

Good design is much more than its aesthetics. Within its originality, also use, function, durability and sustainability must be considered… far from going out of fashion.

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Sancal likes to push ideas to the limit, and rethink and reformulate them for further progress. We are inspired by other industrial areas to improve our manufacturing processes. We think that tradition and industry must go hand in hand… Simply to find new formulas that provide a distinctive value to our products.

So, when Luca Nichetto told us about his common interest with Marie-Louise Rosholm in creating a new and unreleased sustainable fabric, from Sancal we found a great project on this initiative. Our premise is to design products that live and last together with us, that give us value and allow us to create unique spaces.

After months of R&D, Zero was presented during the past edition of Salone del Mobile to dress the seating system Next Stop soft volumes. Zero is a sustainable solution as the new textile generates virtually zero waste. Download all the files for Next Stop.

The designer used her extensive knowledge of the fashion industry to approach a knitting technique that has never been used in the upholstery sector before. The manufacturing process is similar to a tailored jersey. A cover with seamless pockets which are filled with foam pads.

Zero’s composition is 90 % wool and 10 % polyamide to provide the flexibility required. Technically it meets contract market requirements, such as highly resistance to abrasion (Martindale), flame-retardancy, peeling norms and the TB117 requirements. Download here its technical sheet.

In addition, wool is itself a sustainable, resistant and easy-maintenance material. An efficient and very durable textile due to the inherent bactericidal and repellent properties. And, for sure, the knitted wool adds a “homey” touch to sofas and armchairs.

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