Fuego Camina Conmigo x Sancal

Sancal’s products showcased in BCN.

“Our comfort zone is living without a comfort zone”. This is the motto of one of the most important digital communication agencies in Barcelona, but it could be also describe Sancal’s ethos. We love to approach our projects from new perspectives, so it’s not surprising that both firms have found a way to collaborate.

How? By creating a common space: their new offices showcase Sancal’s products in Barcelona.

“Living without a comfort zone” should not be taken literally, as the common and break-out areas should be as comfortable as they are inspirational.

Isern Serra is the interior designer in charge of the project, who has created a simple yet inspirational atmosphere. These new offices are a blank canvas whose layout design was planned without architectural barriers. The small “islands” are colour spots to display Sancal’s products. The agency, Fuego Camina Conmigo, enjoys them in this collaborative and diaphanous working space where team develops their communication campaigns in a free and inspiring way. This has generated a perfect synergy between both brands.

The result is an open and interactive office with a visual connection from the main entrance to all rooms. The variety of work environments and small spots in the common area allow the team to move around and choose between different locations. In addition, there are several meeting rooms for more private meetings and a fully equipped kitchen-office for small breaks.

The large windows provide a wall of natural light. This luminosity together with the white floors, walls and ceilings, illuminates Sancal’s display points where you can find the latest products of our Museo Collection like Remnant armchairs, Vestige tables, Dividuals poufs, Diwan chaise, Totem stools and tables, Click seating programma and Roll chair, as well as other unique products such as Tortuga, Magnum, Nido, Silla40, Vesper, Pion and Tab.

The space can be viewed by professionals by requesting an appointment from Sancal.  If you are interested, please contact your Area Manager.

Espacio: Fuego Camina Conmigo.
Proyecto de interiorismo: Isern Serra.
Fotografías: Salva López.

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Diseño gráfico por Estudio Sancal.
Diseño y desarrollo web por Sixtudio.
Graphic design por Estudio Sancal.
Web design and development bÿ Sixtudio.

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