A fabric with a strong aesthetic. Very soft to the touch.

Thick fabrics are in vogue in recent interior designs as they evoke raw materials in their purest state. From the French word “boucler”, which means “to curl”, the bouclé is made up of small knots of different sizes.

Inspired by astrakhan fur, its voluminous texture offers a look that is both sophisticated and casual. And although it may appear rough at first glance, it is soft and smooth to the hand. It also offers a warm and pleasant sitting.

The weaving of this fabric emphasises irregularities as an ornamental element by creating a three-dimensional surface. Its raw beauty blends perfectly with organic shapes and its ductility makes it adapt to curves with exquisite delicacy. Bouclé adds depth and a lavish, luxurious feel to any design.

Given the interesting possibilities provided by this texture, Sancal incorporates the exclusive 131 Sample Book, with a basic palette of tones to give prominence to texture of this fabric. White, brown, grey and black are the chosen colours. The choice of this palette also has to do with the desire to create a sample book as natural as possible, with colours that can be found in animals as woolly as sheep and poodles.

Light colours are great allies. They are sophisticated yet relaxed and combine discreetly with other vibrant finishes. They also make spaces appear larger and brighter.

Blacks and greys are an interesting option to create a more serious but equally refined counterpoint.

Black on black. While being an intense and pure combination, it accentuates Boomerang’s shapes, while offering a deeply comfortable feel and a smooth surface.

Dressing the soft volumes of Duo Maxi with white bouclé accentuates the generosity of its seating. Natural wood or soft colours stains create relaxed domestic spaces.

The distinctive irregularity of the bouclé softens the formal shapes of the Momic sofa. Greys and blacks combine harmoniously with each other, whether in a mix of textiles or while being combined with marquina marble, smoked glass, metal or lacquered finishings. Other tones will break the sober monotony, but by carefully choosing the desired effect we can achieve a fascinating harmony.

Resistant, comfortable, and versatile, these fabrics are ideal for upholstery, even those pieces intended for intensive use.

Some fabrics can add a chic accent to even the simplest designs. Together with Bouclé, velvet and corduroy textiles dress sofas, armchairs and chairs with a special, even luxurious appearance.

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