A fabric rich in nuances.

During the creative process of the Milanese Splendour” Scene for the Salone, we undertake the search for a corduroy as the main textile for the most sophisticated, retro setting. A classic fabric which we reinterpreted from a contemporary point of view.

Corduroy is a textile with history. Long before the 70s, when it dressed the sofas of many homes, its origins go back to the thick wool fabric manufactured in England in the 18th century.

This fabric provides a great sense of comfort due to its velvety touch and its richly nuanced aesthetic that makes it suitable for upholstering sofas and armchairs or, why not, as a decorative element when choosing it for cushions. It is resistant and durable, and that makes its maintenance easy.

Therefore, we present the 132 Sample Book with 8 colours exclusively developed for Sancal. Soft-handed, this thick fabric is characterised by the vertical ridges. The colour range is basic yet aesthetically pleasing, as it can be combined with other palettes from different environments: from sophisticated and romantic spaces, to more traditional and rustic ones or even in minimalist and industrial environments.

Sofas with minimalist and sober lines, such as Duo or Mousse, bring the corduroy out nicely by giving all the prominence to the fabric. With more expressive designs such as Momic, the opposite happens; it is the fabric that highlights the lines of the product.

Undoubtedly brown range is associated with the popular blazer of the 70s. We suggest combining this colour and its hues with greys, yellows and natural wood to make it less serious.

For fresh schemes, we recommend mixing bold lacquers with dark colours such as navy and green, and contrast them with natural and nude tones.

During the last edition of Habitat, we trusted on this fabric due to the wide and varied possibilities either to be part of minimalist and industrial settings or of the most sophisticated scenes.

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