What will domestic spaces be like in the near future?

Tachy Mora explores the traditional concept of the home with the exhibition Escenarios de un Futuro Cercano (Scenarios of a Near Future). 

The recent present has brought new ways of approaching spaces and makes us question the needs when inhabiting them. The home changes according to the moments of the day, so it must be fluid and highly versatile. 

The journalist and curator specialising in design, Tachy Mora, has tackled this question in the show Escenarios de un Futuro Cercano (Scenarios of a Near Future), a prospective on what domestic environments could be like in ten years’ time. 

The exhibition shows different pieces of furniture and lighting as well as domestic scenes, an approach on specific parts of the home, conceived by a group of professionals from design and architecture, equipment firms, materials or the field of construction, selected by Tachy to work as a team around five concepts: flexibility, multifunctionality, modularity, nomadism and sustainability. Sancal participates with the Link & Inflatable Link pieces. The latter explores a “nomadic” approach with inflatable Links developed exclusively for this exhibition.

Sancal participates with our commercially available Link seat filled with polyurathean foam & Inflatable Link concept pieces. The latter explores a “nomadic” approach with one-off inflatable Links developed exclusively for this exhibition.

Tachy rethinks the conventional use of domestic equipment. And so does Link. Can a sofa offer new types of seating? Does it have to be solely for relaxation or can it also have a playful function? Why can’t a seat be a work of art when it is not in use? 

Sancal has delved even deeper into the void, exploring, in turn, for Scenarios of a Near Future whether this Raw Color design could go further and become, in addition, a nomadic proposal. The formula they have found is to transform it into an inflatable”. The curator explains.

We invite you to answer these questions by yourself. How? By visiting this exhibition that will be in Valencia until 19 March. 

When? From 23 November 2022 to 19 March 2023. 

Where? Sala Carlos Pérez del Centro del Carmen de Cultura Contemporánea de Valencia (CCCC). C/ Museo, 2. 46003 Valencia. 

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