International Women’s Day

An International Women’s Day dyed yellow and blue.

“I had planned to write this editorial based on the illustration Extraterrestres (Extraterrestrials), a work of art by Ana Galvañ for our Mujeres x Mujeres (Women for Women) exhibition, as this is how many of us feel when International Women’s Day arrives and we start to hear so many voices that don’t understand what Feminism is all about. The tone of the articule was to be somewhat comical and festive, because, although there is still a long way to go, fortunately in Spain there are many achievements, and it is worth celebrating them.

The invasion of Ukraine has made me change my mind, and I have ended up selecting the Libres artwork by Clara-Iris curated for the same exhibition. The title says it all, and coincidentally the colours are in tune with a flag with which we are in total solidarity.

There is no freedom without equality, nor equality without rights, and, of course, we would not have the rights we now consider inherent to our society if others had not claimed them before us. War truncates these rights and freedoms, in Ukraine and also in many other places.

For me today is a sad day because I can’t stop thinking about the fragility of those things we take for granted”.

Esther Castaño-López.

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