Remnant and Diwan compete for a Gold Delta

Both designs are in the Delta Selection of ADI-FAD’s Spanish prestigious awards.

The Delta Awards celebrate excellence in design and its impact on the expression of social and cultural values. And we couldn’t be more thrilled with the selection of Remnant by Note and Diwan by PerezOchando as finalists for these awards in the “Indoor Equipment” category. Both are part of our latest collection, Museo.

The products within the “Delta Selection” will participate in the competition for a Gold Delta, two Silver Deltas and several Bronze Deltas in each category. The designs that have been selected respond to criteria that recognise the excellence of the products for their innovative character; formal, functional and aesthetic relevance; environmental and social impact; quality of manufacturing process and proper use of technologies and materials.

Remnant is based on the reflection on how the void gives shape to the matter and reduces its silhouette to basic forms. Supporting the seat required a complex feat of engineering to find a solution to get the sturdiness, stability and comfort that this design required: a triangulated metallic structure inspired by architectural weight-distribution techniques. The result is an ethereal silhouette with a floating seat that eases access.

Remnant by Note.

Diwan explores the Valencia Arab heritage which inspired PerezOchando to design a contemporary, elegant divan. Claudia and Pedro have reduced sinuous curves of the seats and backs to their bare minimum, bringing an air of lightness to the design. Its generous and comfortable seating invites you to rest.

Diwan by PerezOchando. Extraterrestes artwork by Ana Galvañ.

The jury that will decide the winners relies on renowned professionals such as Patrizia Moroso, Sabine Marcelis or Mario Ruiz, among others. The ADI Awards ceremony will take place during the Barcelona Design Week on 15 June. In addition, the products selected in the different design disciplines will form part of the exhibition “The best design of the year”.

Being part of this selection is a great honour as ADI-FAD, the Industrial Design Association, seeks with this initiative to highlight industrial design as a strategic and competitive tool and a driving force for the economy. In addition, design embellishes our lives with everyday use objects.

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