Thrilling details.

Totem. A simple icon.

Looking without seeing. Hearing without listening. We are so focused on urgent matters that we often miss the subtleties of important things. Small gestures, unexpected moments… we miss little details that are right in front of us.

Yes, we do. We live distracted. Clara-Iris illustrates it so well with her protagonist immersed in taking notes without appreciating how her cat does circus pirouettes to attract her attention. The kitten uses the base of the Totem table as a hoop to jump through, showing just how skilful it is.

Small details are exciting and surprising. Just like Totem by Sylvain Willenz. A simple piece, even more subtle when viewed side on. Its elegant and timeless design forms a silhouette that blends effortlessly into the surrounding décor.  

 Its structure, slender yet solid, seems to be drawn on a blank paper as a straight line and a circle, two elements as basic as they are powerful. 

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