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Top habitat firms trust Sancal for their catalogues.

Creating synergies with your sector is an added value for any company. If you add talent and creativity, it is much more. In addition to friendship, attention to interior design and small details connects us with some of the best design brands in our country.

These collaborations are not only an opportunity to share the spotlight, but also allow us to present our products in other scenarios created ad hoc by different stylists; and thus show their versatility when displayed with rugs, lamps or wallpaper.

We know just how hard it is to create a new catalogue, so it’s been a pleasure to work with our friends on their publications!


Designed by Valencian studio RqrDomo is an elegant bell-shaped pendant. Using four slats of wood veneer, the Domo lamp is meticulous handmade and crafted. Domo is versatile, ideal for warm, eclectic environments. They asked for the Moon, and got it in the form of a sofa  by Rafa Garcia!

Art Direction: Masquespacio. Images: Cualiti.


Natural Arty brings a sense of well-being with its light and timeless design. This design is as artistic as the sculptural silhouettes of Diwan by PerezOchando are sculptural. Undoubtedly, a minimalist and cosy couple.

Art Direction: Mut Design. Images: Asier Rua.


Dreams is a rug design by illustrator and designer Brianda Fitz-James Stuart. This collection explores her magnetic and original universe. With her we share our desire to create a thrilling, beautiful world. Together with the comfortable Tonella sofa by Note and the coquettish Pion table by Ionna Vautrin, they create a cosy space to be enjoyed.

Art Direction: Mut Design. Image: Ángel Segura.


Circ by Nahtrang Studio is a large family of lamps. This design emphasises the contrast between the curves of the spheres and the straight lines of the iron structure. Its aesthetic is light, elegant and balanced, like the large Magnum seating family by estudi{H}ac.

Art Direction: tá Image: María Algara


The firm celebrated its 40 years of history by editing an anniversary collection which celebrates design, art and creativity. Mut Design designed Grids, a graphic proposal inspired by Art Nouveau. A playful yet rational design, inner hallmark of the Valencian studio, also shared by the Dúplex tables.

Art Direction: Helena Agustí. Images: Asier Rúa.


Shade, by designer Begüm Cana Özgür, is a collection inspired by the magical moments in nature where colours merge. This rug family and the Tiptoe seating programme are characterised by their exquisite simplicity. Both harmonise with a wide range of styles, to create serene and calm environments.

Art Direction: Carlota Marquina. Image: Albert Font.


Marble, granite… are some of the proposals that the Italian firm introduces in its Stones collection. These laminated surfaces faithfully recreate the tactile and visual qualities of these natural materials. For their new catalogue, they have recreated an office in which the Magnum chair with wheels by estudi{H}ac provides the colour counterpoint.

Art Direction: Estudihac. Images: Luis Beltrán.

P O T T.

SpongeUp! is a design by Miguel Ángel García Belmonte. A handmade collection which respects traditional pottery techniques. The lamp creates a unique, subtle lighting ambience when it is on. Together with Yonoh’s Mosaico modular programme forms a contemporary couple inspired by traditional elements.

Art Direction: Luis Eslava


Maya, by Mermelada Estudio, is a modular lamp that can grow by joining several pieces and create different compositions thanks to its hexagonal geometry. Like Elephant, a system of poufs which basic shapes can be joined together or function independently, designed by Isaac Piñeiro.

Art Direction: Arnau Reyna. Image: Ángel Segura.

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