A stand inspired in 1973, the year we were born.

The 70s brought a new vision of architecture and interior design, also inspired by the influences of the iconography of music, art and cinema.

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Eclectic mixes, kitsch aesthectics… burst into homes and public spaces, reflecting a social explosion encouraged by freedom in the wider sense of the term. The proof of this is the coexistence of different styles, from boho to glam.

The vintage atmosphere of the sets that we recreated in Milan integrated the brand’s designs with a sense of theatricality. In this video you can explore again each and every corner. And if you didn’t come, here you can take a walk through it.

A commitment to sustainability.

As an industry and creative company we are responsible for our impact on the planet. In this sense, we designed a stand in which all the elements were conceived to be reused at another time and in another space. In addition, we the exhibition floor was left in view to underline the fact that Sancal is also a factory and thus reduce the waste generated in this type of event.

Shall we visit the spaces?

Let’s start the day working!

Many of today’s large corporations were born in the 1970s. The new, modern offices of this era became the symbol of success and stability, flaunting their business achievements.

Two Elle armchairs with an upholstered base, together with a La Isla coffee table, welcome the attendees in a flirtatious, vibrantly coloured waiting room.

Sancal’s meeting room is sober, functional and elegant. The Pion Conference table, with ash top and extra-matt lacquered base, invites clients and managers to take a seat on colourful Body chairs with cantilever base, an iconic silhouette that reached its splendour precisely in the 70s.

Casual meetings with friends!

The art scene also influenced interior design. Conceptual art pushed the boundaries of the forms and colours’ uses. These ideas were translated into vibrant, fun spaces, with textures, furniture and hues of great visual impact.

Sancal presents a playful area dressed in a warm and vibrant palette. The most sculptural pieces have been selected, also the most easy-going ones, with a transgressive touch. The volumes of the furniture are bold, and their unexpected shapes conceal mundane functions.

Such is the new Bold table, striking shapes and XXL sizes with an irregular outline and three basic geometries. The expressive grain of the vintage veneer contrasts with the mango colour lacquered legs. The playful Link poufs not only introduce new colours for the single-colour version, but also a new variant. Wrinkled Link is a soft version that is also very practical, as it can be dressed and undressed with a quilted cover.

Home sweet home!

The mix of styles was a constant in the 70s. Oriental, vintage, ethnic and even mid-century influences were combined with each other

The multifunctionality of space is increasingly necessary and the concept of modularity arises to satisfy this demand for flexibility. Saturated colours and the use of geometric prints and patterns also defined the interiors.

Once again, the Bold table becomes the centrepiece of the room, connecting the space with fluidity, this time fetauring a sober colour scheme. The Momic composition is the main seating programme of the room, whose timeless silhouette makes it a classic yet contemporary piece.

The 50 Club. The End of the party!

Glam comes from Glamour. A term coined in the 70s to define a minimalist and at the same time extravagant and excessive aesthetic that was inspired by the music and entertainment venues of the time.

In Sancal’s most glamorous room, exuberance, delicacy and minimalism are harmonious.

The refined design and soft volumes of Duo Maxi are dressed in a very sophisticated printed fabric, and it becomes the main piece of this exclusive chill-out area designed for socialising and having fun. The curved shapes of the Magnum armchairs are covered in a furry textile, as rough in appearance as it is pleasant to the touch. Here you can also see the Totem stools, whose height has been reduced for more casual seating.

El Tenderete and Fiesta.

In addition to the different set designs inspired by the aesthetics of the period, Estudio Sancal pays tribute to its beginnings as a workshop with El Tenderete, a collaboration with Marc Morro. We also celebrate our half-century with the launch of Fiesta, a commemorative textile developed together with the Byborre weaving mill.

Located in the centre of the stand like an island, it has the role of highlighting certain products, selected for their iconic character but also for what they imply on a sentimental level or in terms of industrial innovation for the firm.

Tonella, Tortuga, Remnant, Body, Totem and Next Stop were dressed up with Fiesta, a fabric exclusively edited for such a special celebration.

Thank you for visiting us!

It was a pleasure to share this special occasion with you.


The 70’s inspired scenographies are completed with some very special lighting from our good friends LZF Lamps.

Photographs by Maria Teresa Furnari.

Video by Variante Artística.

Listen to our playlist aquí.

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