As functional as decorative.


According to the dictionary, a totem is an iconic piece with spiritual qualities linked to a tribe or an individual. There is no single totem, but several totems can coexist with many meanings and different attributes.

The Sancal Totem is also heterogeneous and diverse. The original stool, with two heights, has already been joined by a large family of tables and small tables. Now, we have added a low stool, a new, smaller seating option, ideal for tea or lounge tables. They offer casual seating in spaces where you want to create a relaxed atmosphere.

By reducing its height, the circle becomes the main graphic element. The steel structure has an extra-matte finish which can be lacquered in any of the colours on our chart.

The seat, which shares the same size as the other stools, is equally comfortable, either upholstered in leather or fabric or in solid oak wood – available in a wide range of stains.

Its new dimensions respect the graphic form of the first pieces designed by an industrial designer with the soul of a cartoonist. Totem transcends its function as a piece of furniture to become a decorative object.

As fabrics and finishes are updated constantly, some featured here may not be available. Download our latest options or contact your local sales person for advice.​

Sylvain Willenz

"I like to devise my products as new and innovative, however they should always feel familiar and comfortable, hence my very graphic and simple language, with references and timeless forms. A lot of the time you’ve seen it… but you haven’t. "
Diseñador industrial.

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Diseño gráfico por Estudio Sancal.
Diseño y desarrollo web por Sixtudio.
Graphic design por Estudio Sancal.
Web design and development bÿ Sixtudio.

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