A connected Link to create shade sequences.


Raw Color challenges any conventionalism associated with resting and socialising: why can’t a seat be a piece of art when is not in use?

This creative duo rethinks the way we sit based on the sinuous volumes of a chain. Scale plays a key role here, as it can turn an everyday object into a sculpture.

The sculptural Link poufs are the result of a reflection on alternative furnishing solutions. By breaking down all formal borders, their approach is undoubtedly free, and this triggers an anarchic sitting. Whatever the case, fun is guaranteed.

To the versions presented in 2022 with 6 felt colours and 2 multicolour versions commissioned by the designers themselves, now we add 4 additional colours as well as the new Wrinkled Link version. This latest variant features a cover that allows you to dress and undress each link without much effort, making it easy to maintain. A quilted filling provides extra softness and allows you to choose from a wide variety of fabrics. Its ruffled construction creates a characteristic crinkled effect.

As fabrics and finishes are updated constantly, some featured here may not be available. Download our latest options or contact your local sales person for advice.​

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Raw Color

"Fascinated by colour’s influence on our lives, the studio works across design disciplines to materialise them.
Diseñador industrial.

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