Jaleo DC Tapas Bar

Sancal takes part in the restoration of Jaleo restaurant. Tea panels camp on the roof while Tea chairs appear everywhere, contributing to set a refreshing and enjoyable environment.

Under the direction of Chef José Andrés, Jaleo is an award-winning tapas restaurant with three locations in the Washington metro area, and an outpost in Las Vegas. Jaleo is a Spanish word meaning revelry, fun, and bustle. Jaleo DC’s striking redesign blended this festive spirit with the unique personality and style of his chef. Led by the exciting vision of Andrés’ friend, Spanish designer and architect Juli Capella, Jaleo’s new look will be “a relaxed environment of bold colors, with a hint of madness and irony, and a touch of Mediterranean surrealism,” explains Capella.

Jaleo DC will feature sleek furnishings and artwork created in Spain by some of the country’s best contemporary designers. “I love that this Jaleo will truly celebrate Spain, not only on the table, but also all around you,” says José Andrés. “From the lamps above, to the chairs you sit on, to the tiles on the floor, we are bringing unique pieces from Spain, and from Spanish artists.”

2012 Washington DC, USA
Project: Juli Capella.
Product:Panel and Tea chair.


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