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Dressed with Rift

Smart Working era has come to stay changing our habits and turning upside down the traditional concept of work.

You can use your laptop anywhere  to check the mail, the figures of the last financial report or even watch a movie during a flight, because it’s not all work. We no longer leave home, the office or the master’s classes without taking with us a laptop, tablet or similar.

From Sancal we don’t want to give you a lesson and tell you that you must disconnect from time to time (but keep this in mind!). We just want to introduce our sophisticated and vibrant covers to protect your electronic devices during your travels.

They are made from the ultra-resistant Rift fabric exclusively designed by Sancal which provides a chic and casual aesthetic.

Halfway between a document bag and a wallet, these covers for tablets and laptops are very practical to avoid the deterioration and preserve them from dust and other external elements that can damage them, since their inner padding is as soft as resistant. But, we also invite you to use them as a fashion accessory.

In addition to its main pocket, a useful and handy secondary pocket will allow you to keep the charger, the external battery, a notebook, pens … or any other items you need to carry out with you.

Available in 4 sizes, we recommend that you choose the one that best suits your equipment.


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