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The interior design of the work space has taken a new motto: the humanization of environments to create contemporary workplaces and socially committed to well-being.

This new conception means that the offices are also transmitters of the company’s culture, mission and corporate values.

Current projects offer a holistic vision to create personalized, positive, dynamic and creative spaces. Open spaces join the traditional working areas that allow dialogue and interaction between people; but also, small private spaces for activities that demand concentration and intimacy.

The new requirements break with conventional and rigid spaces, looking for customized solutions which adapt to the real needs of the companies.

Projects such as Digital Luxury Group, Nuvo headquarters, Bakken & Bæck offices and Tala facilities have understood that spaces not only have to be beautiful, but also functional and emotional, efficient and dynamic and transmitters of their identity.

In the last edition of Orgatec, Sancal introduced new versions of some iconic pieces of the firm, which were adapted to the needs of the new workplaces, expanding our catalogue to Office Sector.

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