We collaborated with Studiopepe on the Fuorisalone.

Chiara and Arianna explore the human connection with nature through “Terra” and project an intimate refuge with “Omphalos”. 

Studiopepe has shown us their most human side, revealing their dreams and concerns, connecting an oneiric universe with the most mundane side in all their exhibitions for the Fuorisalone. Sancal has collaborated with some furniture pieces in two of its main installations.   

The Italians approach all their projects from an artistic, conceptual and experimental prism. However, the apparent delicacy of their work is powerful, and their own intimate reflection becomes a passionate statement. 

Campo Base is an exercise in architectural practice curated by Federica Sala. 6 studios give life to unique universes to build a hypothetical village. Campo Base is also a manifesto on contemporary interior design. The room curated by Studiopepe is called Omphalos, which means the “navel” or ancient centre of the world. The designers build a place that protects the intimacy of the individual and at the same time defends him or her from the outside. In this secret and intimate room, emotions can be exposed, bearing one’s soul. The furniture on display was also designed by them, with some new versions, such as the Bold coffee table in the new and exclusive high gloss Lima colour.

With the motto The Earth is our home Chiara and Arianna sign Terra a call for responsibility: the Earth offers a sense of belonging, but it does not belong to us. This is an interior design project created for the Archiproducts showroom in Tortona. Through each of its rooms we discover our own connection with the earth and the sense of peace that it evokes in us. The earth also inspires the choice of colours and materials with a conscious approach to design. Thus, we find organic, simple and minimalist forms creating an enveloping space that welcomes design pieces and sinuous seating upholstered in soft fabrics. They have selected pieces such as the Remnant armchair, the Magnum chairs with upholstered base and the iconic Roll seats, the Vestige table, the Dividuals poufs and a wide selection of pieces from the Pion family. 


Terra is open to the general public until March 2024.

Via Tortona, 31, 20144 Milano MI

Monday to Friday
9:00h to 13:00h
14:00h to 18:00h

Studiopepe is a design and architecture agency founded in Milan in 2006, by Arianna Lelli Mami and Chiara Di Pinto. Their vision is based upon experimenting, continuous research on colors and materials and the contamination with the contemporary language of art.

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Graphic design por Estudio Sancal.
Web design and development bÿ Sixtudio.

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