Viña Elena Winery x Sancal

Tradition meets future in this project signed by Santa-Cruz Arquitectura.

Viña Elena history is synonymous of emotions. A winery in which the dialogue between generations is based on the value of tradition, love for the land, effort and a look to the future.

This family winery began its journey in 1948 and was established in an old rural house to which different buildings were later added, each one of them with the architectural language of the period in which it was built.

Santa-Cruz Arquitectura was in charge of the refurbishment of this winery complex. The intervention respects elements of the popular architecture of the area while integrating contemporary construction concepts. The result successfully consolidates a cohesive image, design and spatial quality, while respecting the heritage, tradition, different styles and raw original materials.

The project also integrates the values of a social and collaborative company: different waiting areas are distributed throughout the existing buildings of the winery to welcome visitors or as meeting points for staff members. Welcoming and friendly places where modernity and tradition coexist in harmony.

Next Stop is a design for public areas. Thanks to its modularity it is possible to create customised compositions adapted to the requirements of the space. In this case, the innovative Zero textile in Light Grey contrasts with the sophisticated fabric chosen for the Tortuga armchairs, as well as with the intensity of the Klein blue of the La Isla coffee table.

One of the main points of this projects was the conservation of architectural elements from the old buildings, such as the stone walls, and their integration with contemporary elements such as the skylights and windows. Core‘s strong yet comfortable volumes, which may well bring to mind pieces of classical inspiration, present their most contemporary facet through the textures and fabrics used.

The soft palette chosen for the upholstered and auxiliary pieces of this break-out area is inspired by the hues that can be found in nature. The Core sofas, Elle armchairs and La Isla tables are dressed in greens, earth and beige.

The space designed by Santa Cruz-Arquitectura encourages teamwork, communication and creativity. The flexibility and adaptability of the Dividuals poufs is ideal for small, informal and dynamic meeting spots, as it allows the layout to be changed according to the moment and the needs.

Strolling through the wine cellar, some other small spaces for resting or waiting can be found, such as this corner with La Isla as a main bench.

To carry out administrative or management tasks, individual workstations have been created like a coworking layout. In this way the desk is also suitable for team meetings. The Tortuga dining table and Mullit chairs were chosen for this purpose. The latter combine elegant aesthetics, comfortable seating and the functionality of the height-adjustable base with wheels.

The new management styles encourage a more personal approach to the work teams. While it is necessary to have space for highly concentrated tasks, this office incorporates a small room designed for relaxed meetings or simply resting.

The upholstered pieces provide comfort with armchairs such as Elle, with the Remnant sofa being the key piece. Undoubtedly, the selection of warm-touch technical textiles makes these spaces even cosier.

This winery also incorporates a small private room, where you can take phone calls or simply disconnect from the hustle and bustle of the common areas. Diwan, whether in its chaise or armchair version, is ideal as a piece for individual use.

The Totem stools combined with the high tables of range has been used to create small groups for sharing and tasting the wines of this family winery.

The essence of Bodegas Viña Elena is based on an innovative attitude, without losing its values as a family winery, combining tradition and the avant-garde.

If you want more information about each of the products, click on them to access technical data sheets, BIM Revit, 3D and 2D files.

Project: Santa-Cruz Arquitectura.
Images: David Frutos Fotografía de Arquitectura.
Credits: Lamps by Estiluz and Marset. Rugs by Gan Rugs from Gandía Blasco.

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Graphic design por Estudio Sancal.
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