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How to build, play and decorate with Icons

Berlin has become a thriving scene for new talent. David and Frank from Geckeler-Michels studio give that dynamic, playful spirit to these decorative ornaments.

Inspired by the traditional wooden building blocks which many of us will remember from our childhood, the designers evolve this children’s game into a more adult version.

Thus, these originally innocent objects, of bright colours and basic shapes, have become a collectible of different topics with a more mature content. Six sets that represent from animals to plants, but also have more explicit and roguish messages that refer to globalization.

These decorative items can be used in the most varied spaces, alone or in groups, with their original shape or creating your own designs. On the bookshelf next to the books, on an occasional table, as an ornament for the bathroom … Icons add humour and colour to any corner.

The nobility of the wood provides them a sober and a warm touch, while the colour selection gives them the energy of their claiming purpose. Each piece is carefully made in Spain from solid wood and stained using the same techniques as our furniture.

These decorative objects introduce concepts universally accepted through design and create an open and unprejudiced collectable, ideal for spontaneous people to make their likes and interests public.

Download all the new images for Icons.

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