Pink mood

How to decorate with pink?

Often considered exclusively feminine, pink is an interesting alternative for interior design. And although it has been ignored for long time for its connotations of gender, we want to break with this stereotype. Pink is a positive and optimistic colour that invites us to relax, provides luminosity and creates different hues.

Sandwiched between red and white, Pink is energetic and calm at the same time, characteristics that make it interesting in different projects. A versatile colour for contemporary environments, whether minimalist or those that give free rein to expressiveness.

Traditionally linked to children’s rooms, pink can also work in master bedrooms. Combined with other neutral tones such as grey, beige or taupe, a light and soft atmosphere is created, ideal for calm, sophisticated environments. La Isla upholstered bench by Note brings a chic accent to this softly stylish ambiance.Villa by Infinite Design.

Who said that Pink could be cheesy? Its application  brings warmth to spaces where straight lines and noble materials like marble predominate. In this kitchen, the rounded shapes of the Magnum stool by estudi{H}ac and the lush velvet add a cosy counterpoint. Project by Art Group by Vasilkova Daria.

A pink sofa is a bold decision yet not a risky one, since it creates delicate contrasts with other elements of the room. The softness of the dusty pink Tiptoe sofa by Rafa García provides a visual balance with the saturated blue wall, brightening up a small room. Project by Art Group by Vasilkova Daria.

Combine it with natural woods to create a cosy reading corner, an ideal place to concentrate or wind down. The coquette Tonella lounge chair by Note fits this pleasant spot. Halcyon Days Apartments by Ana Locking.

Its application goes beyond the intimacy of home, and makes an interesting alternative for offices and waiting areas. The Mini-Tortuga by Isaac Piñeiro lounge chairs provide a touch of soft colour, a neutral hue that combines with vibrant tones such as blue or green. Regus Caesarea co-working by Orly Dekter.

Its use against neutral backgrounds creates areas characterized by their sobriety and modernity. The Tea sofa by estudi{H}ac in soft pink is a plea for simplicity and good taste, creating a warm, relaxed experience.  Campari offices, project by Iviviviv Studio.

Who get nervous while visiting the dentist? The interior design of this modern urban dental clinic makes the patients feel comfortable and calm. The simplicity and austerity of the materials contrast with the soft volumes and colours of La Isla. Urban Dentist by Studio Karhard.

Sophisticated and feminine, the new lingerie department of these department stores. The monochromatic use of pink, as a hallmark of this space designed for women, creates a relaxed effect without being cloying. La Isla by Note fits perfectly into this environment. Nama Lingerie by AKSL arhitekti.

And this cute pink-coloured atmosphere, is a unisex beauty salon which transmits good vibrations. An ideal place to take a selfie sitting in one of the Magnum lounge chairs. Nim Salón.

Pink achieves its most chic expression when combined with metallic finishes. The seductive silhouette of the Magnum stools and the rich texture of the velvet add elegance in this vintage aesthetic bar. Chester Club by Globalasento.

Finally, we do not want to miss the opportunity to pay tribute to all those brave women who have been affected by breast cancer, and recommend the emotional exhibition that Ideat has curated for the occasion.

Image by Romina Ressia for Octobre Rose by Ideat

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