New year, new showroom

New year, new showroom

La Fábrica is Sancal’s showroom that represents our most personal aesthetic choices and values as it is located at home, in our HQ.

The showroom first opened its doors in 2019 but the latest refurbishment has transformed it into a brand-new experience! After several months of work, we are ready to book visits for professionals searching for inspiration.

The pre-existing architecture of the building conditions the serene, yet vibrant exhibition. The wall surfaces and the new colour palette use a careful selection of neutral and natural colours, while the textures and finishes of the furniture provide the casual and playful touch that is so characteristic of Sancal. The result is an interior that exudes calm wellbeing yet is far from being boring.

Over 700m2of open space is spread over two floors. Curtains, carpets and other room dividers frames and contextualises dynamic, realistic sets. From majestic lounges and eclectic dining rooms to office spaces, coworking, lounge areas and, why not, also a lively kitchen and a sophisticated cafeteria. All of them designed with their function in mind.

All our products are highly customisable. This is what we wanted to show with the careful selection of textiles, materials and colours. The palettes selected for each “room” are characterised by a bold and balanced use of colour by combining basic colour ranges with vibrant accents of green, red, lilac and yellow. We have also searched for a balance by displaying our classic, iconic and, of course, newest pieces.

The showroom is only open to professional visitors by appointment.

If you are a dealer, architect, interior designer or member of the press, please contact your local sales person to set a date for your visit.

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