Milan, we miss you!

April 21st was the date scheduled for the Salone del Mobile in Milan grand opening to professionals and design lovers from all over the world to celebrate its 60th edition. A bustling city, plenty of trendy events and appointments with the world’s top designers, a moment to meet friends from different latitudes and share relaxed moments with them. 

This remarkable appointment for many of us has been postponed to the next April 13th, 2021 al all of we know why. 

Attending the world most important design event is a great challenge for Sancal. The planning and organization combine effort and enthusiasm, hard work and moments as creative as fun. And a lot of nerves! We seek to create powerful concepts to surprise and seduce you, taking care of even the smallest detail, just to make sure that you have a great experience. Scenographies that not only aim to display our new upholstery products and contemporary designs, but also look for you to delve into majestic, futuristic, enigmatic, a bit wild stories and, why not, make you travel and discover other spaces that until then went unnoticed. Always, with colour and humour as communication keys for all our actions.

From Sancal we want to show you again our last five collections, as a tribute for what the Salone means to all of us: the most important fair in the world. Welcome to our universes! 


#MajesticCollection – 2015 

The Majestic Collection is a tongue-in-cheek look at majesty using the profusion of decorative styles from other periods, reviving sensations through the careful curation of materials and forms.

A serious, refined collection. The rich use of materials is as important to us as the lines of the pieces themselves. Soft velvet, the scent of leather, the detail of marquetry and the shine of metallic colours like copper or silver breathe life into the collection.

A palace-like environment that is inspired by the ancient “golden ratio”, decorated with objects that are obviously false. A chic experience far from the staid perpetual reproduction of the past. The elegant sofa Tiptoe, the singular furniture programme Mosaico or the coquettish Tonella lounge chair made their debut in 2015.

#FuturaCollection – 2016 

Futura Collection is an ode to the unfinished, leaving the end of the piece in hands of the public.

Sancal’s Futura Collection is a bold reinterpretation of 60s Futurism. Acrylic and chrome details are softened by a selection of textiles that play with patterns and a discrete pallete.

Obi‘s soft silhouette, Duplex rationalist forms, the retro aesthetic of Silla40, the rounded edges of Vesper table and the comfortable Tortuga armchair were introduced in a zero-gravity environment. 

#EnigmaCollection – 2017 

Spanning two worlds, one real and the other imaginary, the Enigma Collection opens a door to another dimension.

Enigma Collection is set against a sober and surreal scenography. Just like one of Edward Hopper’s paintings, the window forms the principal architectural element. In each room we find disconcerting vistas of turbulent events that are wilder than the wildest fantasies of the voyeur in Alfred Hitchcock’s Rear Window.

In each room, the mysterious collection is decoded: La Isla seductive bench, the contemporary design of Deep sofa, the smart curves of Magnum range, as well as the most beautiful and artistic acoustic panels Beetle.

#JunglaCollection – 2018 

Jungla Collection was inspired by nature in its wildest state, in its chiaroscuros, its vibrant colours, in its randomness, in its impossible forms and also in its limits and in how we have transgressed them.

Estudio Sancal reinterprets nature with the sense of humor that characterizes the firm to present a scenography that represents a jungle with illustrated vegetation and wild fluffy beasts to introduce the DB armchair, Mousse seating programme, Mullit chair as aesthetic as comfortable as well the new products added to well-known families as Tortuga, Tonella stools and La Isla occasional tables.

#TuratiCollection – 2019 

The colour, light, materials and even the graphical image of one of Milan’s metro stations inspires Sancal‘s new collection and its backdrop, with a restricted palette of grey, yellow and red tones.

In our particular station can be found emblematic pieces as Next Stop, Meeting Point, Interchange and Mind the Gap inspired by the geometry and architecture of the M3 Line, as well as the super comfortable Alpino sofa or the playful acoustic furniture Estante.

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