Una seta geométrica, cultivada industrialmente.


Seta, Spanish for mushroom, is a rational piece conceived by the Berlin studio Geckeler Michels. Fusing sobriety, functionality, and industrial inspiration, it redefines the limits of space.

Its open, minimalist structure, shunning draws, enables quick access, while its castors enable it to keep up with our paced lifestyle, at home or in the office.

Apart from the castors, metal is the only raw material used in its construction.  Laser cutting and folding make reduce waste to the minimum. Its textured finish adds character.

The steel screws are deliberately exposed to reinforce the piece’s industrial look.

Seta is available in three colours: a vibrant, vibrant orange, a warm, luminous cream and a deep charcoal grey. Optionally, the top shelf is available in a mirror polished stainless steel.

“Seta trolley is your versatile sidekick for every space, effortlessly transitioning from bedside to sofa, bathroom to office, enhancing functionality wherever it goes”, explains the designers.

As fabrics and finishes are updated constantly, some featured here may not be available. Download our latest options or contact your local sales person for advice.​

Geckeler Michels

"Starting a design from scratch is a myth. We constantly try to understand and decode existing approaches in design, then redefine functionality around new human habits."
Industrial designer.

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