This backpack is as trendy as practical and it’s tailores with a resistant recycled textile!

Designed by Estudio Sancal.

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An essential accessory.

LBB is the acronym of Little Black Backpack. In the fashion world, a LBD or little black dress, is a must in any wardrobe. As in many other things, Coco Chanel was the pioneer, almost a hundred years ago, when she went to the theatre in a petite robe noire.

Sancal Studio’s Esther and Elena Castaño-López have applied this concept to a new backpack design. A very clean, simple look for any occasion. Its compact size is another aspect that makes it as functional as it is sophisticated. Two discreet pockets help keep smaller items in check: the simplicity of less is more.

As its name suggests, the black Onix colour is the standard version, a leather variant is available in another iconic colour Camel, while a modern type in charcoal grey recycled textile is called Cycle.

LBB Cycle is committed to circular economy, as it is made with a fabric recycled from PET bottles. In this way we want to prevent many of these bottles from ending up in the oceans. Contribute to close the loop!

Hand wash with cold water and pH neutral washing detergent.
Do not wring out .
Textile handlesPolyester
ZipsInjected nylon
AccessoriesPolyamide and polyacetal
ExteriorRecicled PET
Inner liningNylon

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