Rift Cover S - Blanca
27cm x 20cm

iPad Mini

In addition to protecting your iPad Mini or tablet (9.5 “), you can keep with you a notebook in this handy cover to take notes at any time. Don’t forget anything!

Designed by Estudio Sancal.

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The accessories line COSAS extends its collection of objects as an additional contribution to the office universe so that professionals with good sense of humour can keep their work tools safely from home to the office.

Rift gives its name to a unique family of accessories available in COSAS. Apart from the wide selection of cushions which provide a sparkling touch of colour, another new edition is an original cover for tablets and other electronic devices. As well as being practical, they bring a touch of sophistication to any desk. They are made from the ultra-resistant Rift fabric exclusively designed by Sancal and feature zips.

This cover is compatible with iPad Mini and other electronic devices up to 9.5″.

Machine wash using the gentle function with cold water and a pH neutral detergent. Slow spin.
Do not wring out or tumble dry.

FabricPolyester 100% FR
Inner liningNylon
ZipsInjected nylon

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