Sharing experiences with a chosen few

On 13th July we experienced scorching heat but we were lucky enough to receive a refreshing visit. A caravan of bloggers that the “Sunny Design Days” led to experience the most outstanding brands of Spanish design. A stopover at Sancal led to an afternoon to remember.

We started the tour at mid-day with lunch in Bodegas Barahonda. In the wine cellars we presented the new Enigma collection, but without a doubt, the most enigmatic was the exclusive Pion table that awaited us at the top of the vats. In this unprecedented and privileged location we tasted the unique dishes of Chef Cristian Palacio.

We continued the visit at our headquarters where they were received by “going back to the future”. Studio Number26, prepared a delicate, hedonistic and ephemeral installation to present FUTURA OBJECTS, a limited edition of artistic objects that this studio created for Sancal.

It was very stimulating to share our diverse personalities with such motivating characters. Thank you, Abi, Cyril, François, Ilenia, Michelle and Nicole for your delightful visit.

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