Now You See It, Now You Don’t Tour in The Valencia Design Week.

Black flies buzz around a small chihuahua enjoying la vie en rose…

Our dealer Cosin dresses its windows with pink tints. Don’t miss how the Float sofa designed by Karim Rashid and the Nudo table by Juan Ibáñez for Sancal joke about The Fly! They will be waiting for you at Hernán Cortés 17 Street.

Now You See It, Now You Don’t is a new pop-up concept. Sancal has designed four shop window displays to show off selected products in a slightly irreverent format for a limited time: fashion in furniture.

To communicate Sancal’s vision, the company has made use of a creative repertoire that transcends boundaries between disciplines by combining colour, form, materials, textures and graphic design. The products play out a new role, evoking an emotional response from passers-by. Design should be functional, but also fun.

The leitmotiv for this first edition is the decontextualization of the products. Sancal has played with the form and colour to emulate objects far removed from their original purpose. Hiding the products under a layer of camouflage adds to the enigma.

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