Enjoy the new year month by month.

Using furniture to communicate.

We’re back, raring to hear from you, be it in person, over the ’phone, or even through two Pion tables strung together. If you’re stuck wondering how to go about the latter, you can find a practical illustration in our fantastic new calendar.This year Ana Galvañ’s illustrations add a touch of acid wit to every month of the year.

As well as a promising career in comics, she has worked for the most prestigious advertising agencies like Saatchi & Saatchi, Sra. Rushmore or McCann.The Nudo and Pion tables; Barnaby and REW sofas; Nido, Tea, Casta, Collar and Silla40 chairs; Tartana acoustic hood, Perigallo stool and Nap sofa-bed are accompanied by enigmatic women.

January features “Secrets, Pion to Pion”. Dare you eavesdrop?

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