We are delighted to share the latest trendy colour with you: Brown!

This shade comes with good karma as it is featured in the Brown Book, our new general catalogue!

We have chosen brown, an underrated colour, to show that any shade, lovingly applied in all the possibilities of its spectrum, can be attractive. It is increasingly clear to us that the future of interiors lies in extending the useful life of each space and the furniture that goes with it. In addition, we decided to pair it with a fluorescent lime to show the most innovative side of this conservative colour.   

In a world where the dividing lines between the classic and the contemporary blur, where the bold intertwines with the subtle, and the minimalist embraces the extravagant, emerges Sancal’s Brown Book. This catalogue is not just a collection of furniture; it is a celebration of design.

Within the pages of this book, we discover how tradition meets innovation, how the organic merges with the industrial. The Brown Book not only invites us to explore the diversity of styles and forms but also to reflect on the very nature of design. In a world saturated with contrasts, Sancal reminds us that true beauty lies in balanced opposites.

Every space is meant to be lived in, but not all are designed to be human centric. Finding the balance between beauty and functionality is a delicate exercise. Every corner, every piece of furniture and every detail should have a specific purpose to facilitate the different activities that will take place there. An extension of our identity as an individual or corporation.

At Sancal, we understand the tension between emotion and function. It is vital to create pleasurable spaces that evoke positive interactions.

How do we incorporate beauty into functionality, and functionality into beauty?

The answer lies in conscious, responsible, thoughtful design whose versatility is the key to balance. It is also in its timelessness. By ageing with dignity, our furniture will be objects that you will want to keep or give them a second life. In short, for Sancal, design goes beyond the product. It is born from its commitment to improve people’s lives, from a functional and emotional point of view.

After more than a decade of intense and constant product renewal, we can say that our current catalogue is fully aligned with the innovative, expressive and creative objectives we set ourselves, without compromising on functionality.

In this new edition of the general catalogue you will find the products we have launched in 2022 and 2023: Bold coffee tables, Link and Loop sofas, Faces side tables, Body chairs and Duo and Momic modular sofas, as well as the other designs that comprise our collection. You will also see the new Fiesta fabric in all its splendour, applied to an array of products.

Other Brown Book facts.

Our commitment to a paper copy is not nostalgia, it is to give importance to materiality. When we open its covers, we enter a world where the textures of the page and the scent of the ink awaken our senses. A physical space in which each image, each description, becomes relevant. On this occasion, the paper version is printed on Arena Extra White Smooth 120grs, from the exclusive Fedrigoni paper mill.

The pantones are Brown 4022U and Lima 379U. Brown represents a sober but at the same time welcoming, warm space. It conveys security. The fluorescent dot is a reminder that other emotions are equally necessary to give life a spark: spaces should awaken positive emotions, a contagious energy, with vitality and joy in the face of each new challenge.

Just with our products, the environmental impact of our catalogue has also been considered.  The number of units has been limited to reduce waste and the paper used comes from renewable FSC certified forests.

How do I get my Brown Book?

We invite you to contact your Agent or Area Manager to get your copy.

If you can’t wait to see all these new products, you can download the digital and interactive version of our catalogue by clicking here.

We want to see your projects!

And finally, we just want to remind you that we love to see how you bring our products to life in your interior design projects, which models you choose, their finishes… and how they coexist in real spaces. So don’t hesitate to share it with us through your social, as this is the best way for us to get to know your work.

Visit our Downloads area to access the Technical Data Sheets, 2D, 3D and BIM Revit files for each of our products. To consult fabrics and other finishes visit the Materials section.

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