UnRoom. The most disruptive stand in the Salone.

We’re back from Milan, bringing with us many experiences, opinions, and reflections.

Some of you visited our stand, and others followed us on social media to discover what UnRoom was all about.

How could we create an impactful space using fewer resources? This question led us to explore new construction challenges. Or rather, non-construction ones. We define UnRoom as a temporary space to exhibit timeless and durable products.

Under the direction of Esther and Elena, from Estudio Sancal, we decided it was crucial to reflect on ethical values in a system that promotes the illusion of infinite resources. Reusing and recycling was not enough. The radical move was to minimize the use of materials, especially in an environment like the Salone, where visual and aesthetic aspects prevail. 

Unfinshed and undefined, UnRoom was more than just an exhibition space. It was a platform for reflection about environmentally respectful solutions. We wanted to inspire and rethink the role of the community (of which we are a part) in building a more sustainable future. 

A space that challenges aesthetic conventions always generate debate and speculation about the reasons behind such a radical approach. 

Our goal was simply to initiate conversations about the role of design in society and the environmental impact of our decisions. It’s something that concerns us, and we are also working on other exhibition formats that we will unveil in the coming months.

UnRoom had an industrial, cold, and intentionally unfinished aesthetic because we like it, because we are punk at heart, and above all, because we wanted to open the debate. 

And undoubtedly, we have done that. 

Thanks to all who visited UnRoom!

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Stand Construction: La Galería Estudio
Images: María Teresa Furnari
Video: Variante Artistica
Playlist: UnRoom

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Graphic design por Estudio Sancal.
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