Sin Pistols Jeans

A tribute to the most universal fabric


Who does not have a pair of jeans in their closet? Who can resist a total denim look?. Undoubtedly, it is the most iconic and universal fabric since its creation. It does not understand age, gender, social classes or styles, and dresses equally artists or workers. A declaration of social inclusion and equality for all.

From its humble origins to dress miners with comfortable and resistant clothing back in 1853, this textile has become the most pampered fabric in the fashion world, dressing generations of rebels, hippies, Hollywood stars and fashion victims from the 60s to this day.

Sancal has also succumbed to its charms and therefore emulates it in one of the most combinable Sin Pistols version.

Sin Pistols Jeans remind us a washing jeans textile, not only for its colour, but also for its strength and durability qualities, made with the ultra-resistant Trevira fabric. Their recycled leather straps add a sophisticated detail. It is an excellent accessory for professionals.

Pampering every outfit, Sin Pistols can be used for the workday and also for leisure moments. A practical choice to wander around the airport, enjoy an afternoon of shopping, a stroll through the city or the most glam party. It is a fashion accessory for both women and men, versatile, discreet and light to transport small objects for your day to day as keys, mobile … and also is very practical for travelling as you can carry your passport, cards, sunglasses …

It is a premium edition of Las Culpass’ holster-bag, popular in Spain’s underground fashion scene. The design, the confection and materials selected make this version unique.


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