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We are returning to normality with caution and responsibility. After months of movement restrictions due to COVID-19, many of us miss the traveller’s life; the excitement of discovering new places, cultures and gastronomies. And although, from time to time, some of us may run out of patience, we have to be optimistic, because sooner or later we will be able to enjoy the world’s wonders.

Once we can travel again, we have to be ready. The planning of a trip is also part of the experience. Deciding where to go, researching what to visit, locating charming places and, of course, finding where to stay.

Let’s start!

BARCELONA is one of the most vibrant European cities, recognized worldwide for Gaudí’s modernist architecture, as well as offering a varied and interesting cultural agenda. Stroll through its historic area, where time seems to have stopped, then onto the avant-garde neighbourhoods.

Kimpton Vividora is a boutique hotel located in the heart of Barcelona. Its contemporary style reflects the soul of this city sitting on the Mediterranean. In its different areas, vibrant terracotta and blue colours combine, together with noble materials such as wood and marble. Select and varied furniture brings comfort and elegance to the different rooms of this cosy urban refuge.

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If you prefer to enjoy a long stay, we recommend the stylish DestinationBCN apartments, which offers maximum comfort and carefully selected details to create a more pleasant experience. The interior design of each apartment is unique, adapting to different needs and preferences, decorated in neutral tones and natural elements to create warm spaces.

LONDON is a bustling and cosmopolitan city. Its diverse districts go from the most elegant corners to the most alternative and colourful areas. Besides, it is one of the best cities to enjoy art and culture.

The Leman Locke Hotel in London is a great option to stay in Shoreditch, one of the trendy neighbourhoods. The delicate aesthetic of this hotel lies in the harmonious combination of materials in their purest form, marked textures and a soft colour palette. An intimate, design-oriented atmosphere that seeks above all the comfort of “feeling at home” during the stay.

Traveling to England is not just visiting the capital city. MANCHESTER, which leaded the Industrial Revolution, offers an incredible architectural heritage of old Victorian warehouses and factories to be discovered and that have been converted into fashion venues and art galleries.

Respecting the heritage of the old 19th century building, a cotton factory, the Withworth Locke hotel embraces its guests in an environment of warm colours and textures. A dialogue between the heritage of the building and the refurbishment to adapt it to the contemporary needs and aesthetics. The central atrium maintains the beauty of Victorian architecture, a welcoming meeting area filled with natural light.

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TORONTO is a multicultural city which hosts a vibrant and lively lifestyle. In addition to visiting Old Toronto (the historic city centre), it is interesting to discover the different neighbourhoods and communities from all around the world , from the Greek and Portuguese districts to Chinatown and Little Italy. You can also enjoy a long walk through Younge Street, the longest street in the world, as recognised by the Guinness Book of Records.

The Kimpton Saint George Hotel honours different architectural styles and periods that can be found throughout the city of Toronto. Dark and saturated colours are predominant and add a sophisticated and timeless touch in the lobby, meeting rooms and suites. A vibrant combination of contemporary furniture, original artwork and delicate finishes to recreate a cosy atmosphere.

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SYDNEY is Australia’s largest and most cosmopolitan city and also the oldest in the country. Its multicultural districts are mixed with business areas. A city with world famous beaches and impressive sunsets. The is emblematic Sydney Opera house, a world reference in modern architecture is a must see.

Located in an old warehouse on the Woolloomooloo dock, the hotel building of the Ovolo hotel stands out for preserving all the metal structure of the roof. Perfectly merging the old and the modern, this eclectic space stands out for its colour contrasts and small corners that adapt to each type of need and client.

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