Pion dining and occasional tables, a master move by Ionna Vautrin for Sancal

Chess sneaks into homes as a board game, a TV show and even a table

Just as Netflix has been enjoying success with The Queen’s Gambit, an ode to chess so too has Sancal. Pion tables designed by Ionna Vautrin are the firm’s tribute to this universal game.

Inspired by chess figures, Pion includes a wide range of pieces. The king and queen are represented by the dining and conference tables. Rooks, bishops and knights can all find their analogies within the occasional tables. Lastly, the humble pawn would be the equivalent of the little stool.

Sancal - Pion

The finishes play with contrasts: a high gloss lacquered base can be combined with noble materials such as natural stone or tilo wood veneer for the tops in the case of tables and side tables, while the stool seats are upholstered in leather.

The combinations of its finishes carefully selected by Sancal together with the French designer, add a touch of brilliance to the most diverse and distinguished scenarios.


Sancal - Pion
Sancal - Pion

The dining table, a gathering point for the family in every home, as well as hosting lively evenings with friends or, why not, romantic dinners. A piece of furniture around which people meet and interact, chat and laugh. And, these days, makes a great office table.

Apart from creating cosy and intimate environments, this functional piece of furniture also adds character to any interior design. The sinuous and smooth shapes of Pion give a singular elegance to this renowned product from Sanal’s catalogue. Its base is the hallmark of this timeless design from 2013. The different versions expand its versatility, since the tables with round and square tops are ideal for small spaces due to their compact shapes, while the oval tables allow a greater capacity to add diners.

We have selected some domestic projects, with different styles and aesthetics, in which this piece of furniture blends in naturally.

The renovation of this apartment in Paris is characterized by the use of natural light, provided by its large windows, and the preservation of original elements of the house. The kitchen becomes an elegant room bathed in soft light and a calm colour palette. The Pion table, together with the custom-made bench, make up a perfect dining room for all kinds of family gatherings. A project by Veronique Cotrel. 

Pion table. Natural tilo wood top and high gloss lacquer C/Sombra. A project by Agence Véronique Cotrel.

This villa in the mountains unites European modernity with Asian style, when combining contemporary furniture designs with art acquired by the owners during their trips to Indonesia. The audacious combination of noble materials, such as the wood of the beams, and a saturated colour palette for the upholstered furniture make this project an ideal place to disconnect in the middle of nature. The Pion table, together with the Magnum chairs, become the meeting point of the kitchen. A project of Art Group by Daria Vasilkova.

Image by Sergey Krasyuk.

This small apartment in Taiwan maximizes the floor area to create a modern home. Light and neutral colours predominate in the finishes of walls, floor and furniture. The soft palette together with the open layout, which connects the living room, dining room and kitchen, expands visually the dimension of the main room. The round top Pion table is ideal for four people, together with the Magnum chairs. By Nordesign.

Pion Petra Ice table. Ibiza marmol top and high gloss lacquer C/Hielo. Image by Hey Cheese!

This apartment in Moscow maximizes the 57 square meters of its floor to create a modern home in which dark colours predominate. The sobriety of the monochromatic palette emphasizes an elegant staging in which the kitchen, living room and dining room share space. As it could not be otherwise, the finishes of the Pion table match perfectly to the aesthetics created by the interior designer Yunona Nezvankina. 

Pion table. Sombra stain tilo wood veneer top and high gloss lacquer C/Sombra. A project by Yunona Nezvankina.

This sophisticated apartment from the 30s in Bucharest was renovated by a young couple with the premise of preserving the charm and uniqueness of original building elements. The kitchen is part of the main room and facilitates social interaction when receiving guests. Aesthetics and functionality come together by incorporating vibrant finishes and colours with contemporary furniture pieces such as the Pion table. A project by Bogdan Ciocodeica. 

Pion table. Natural tilo wood veneer top and high gloss lacquer C/Hielo. LC Apartment by por Bogdan Ciocodeica Studio. Image by Kinga Tomos.

This Parisian duplex is a joyful ode to colour and good taste. Pop nuances, timeless materials, the chromatic pair mustard and copper blue as the main palette … are the common connections of the entire renovation project, creating a free and easy home for a young family with children. Again, kitchen, dining room and living room come together to create a space for family meetings. This project is also by Veronique Cotrel. 

Carma Studio presents this vitalist proposal as her owner. Colours, patterns and textures are integrated with elegant harmony to create an eclectic and vibrant space, cosy and personal. Converted into a work area during the lockdown, the Pion Petra table is surrounded by vintage pieces and artworks that the interior designer has acquired over the years, “her treasures”. 

Pion Petra Gold table. Emperador Gold marmol top an high gloss lacquer C/Tabaco. Project by Carma Studio.

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