Me, me, me… and me!

Psychoanalyse yourself with Diwan! 

How important it is to know yourself! Embracing opportunities, taking on challenges, accepting our limitations and being aware of our weaknesses is a wonderful way to grow as a person. Being confident, brave and authentic is possible when knowing who we truly are and what we want. Of course, it allows transparent, respectful relationships. 

 Clara-Iris illustrates the importance of self-esteem without falling into the excess of self-love and arrogance. One thing is feeling confident, and another thing is believing oneself better than others. That’s clear, isn’t it? 

Work on your personal values! Knowing yourself, your virtues and defects, requires a sincere, balanced and fair self-analysis. Although it’s not easy, you must try, and what a better way than taking a seat at Diwan to find out! PerezOchando has designed a contemporary divan with a generous and comfortable seating. The divan, the sofa or the armchair… whether in the solitude of the bedroom or sharing a chat with friends, you can get to know yourself a little better. 

Take a seat, relax, and discover your most intimate self! 

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