Elekna’s house x Ana Pérez & Elena Castaño-López


Sancal’s Art Director’s home is as fresh, eclectic and cheerful as she is. With the complicity and know-how of Ana Pérez, interior designer and friend, Elena, nickmaned Elekna, has renovated the old family apartment to create a more cosmopolitan environment. Removing the lengthy corridor was the main objective and also the biggest planning headache. Days of reflection finally paid off: an airy space that offers dynamism and fluidity without losing intimate rooms.

The new distribution also ensures that the precious natural light, that previously only shone into the living room, now illuminates all the rooms. The high glass doors contribute to this, allowing diffuse light into other rooms, a solution inspired by those that could be found in the old modernist houses.

This luminosity is further reinforced by the serene palette chosen for walls and carpentry. The touch of colour is added by the upholstered furniture and pokes fun into every corner of the house where you can also enjoy art by Elekna herself. In words of the owner “collaborating closely with Ana has been a real pleasure and the result cannot be more faithful to my expectations. It is certainly my ideal home”.

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Graphic design por Estudio Sancal.
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