Aga Khan Museum

This unique museum is curated to give a unique insight into Islamic civilizations, and the cultures that they have spawned throughout the ages.

Far from a mere exhibition of artefacts, the project invites visitors to learn more by using the space for educational schemes, promoting mutual understanding and tolerance.

The building’s architecture reflects Islamic tradition; an austere exterior conceals an opulent interior. The large, luminous exhibition halls are all connected to a central patio with a glass clad sculptural form.

The Elephant poufs are some of the select pieces of furniture that adorn the interior. Designed by Nadadora for Sancal, they are minimalist yet playful, reflecting the project’s overarching ethos.

Project: Fumihiko Maki, Charles Correa & Vladimir Djurovic.
Museography: Studio Adrien Gardere.
Products: Elephant
City: Toronto, Canada





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