A green day in Barcelona

Sancal + Lladró x Casa Protea

Nature and its infinite nuances always provide a great lesson in style with its colours, shapes and textures… So much so that botany has burst onto the world of interior design to take root and fill our dwellings with natural, fresh details.

Based on the philosophy of reconciliation and admiration for the planet and its biodiversity, Lladró and Sancal organised a floral workshop with Casa Protea, aimed at plant lovers from the interior design and architecture community.

Lladró Lifestyle space in Barcelona became an improvised atelier, a green refuge in which Jesús and Pancho gave lessons on how to create floral compositions, inviting the attendees to arrange their own bouquet, inspired by the wide selection of fresh flowers, stems, rods and specimens from all over the world.

Sancal´s artistic and playful Flower Power textile vases came to life with the floral compositions created by the attendees: some more leafy and tropical, others more delicate and discreet… A demonstration of how “botany has the ability to act as a link between us and the space we inhabit”, according to Casa Protea.

Linking again with eco philosophy, Flower Power is a fun take on reusing waste, as they have been conceived as textile vase that gives a new lease of life to ordinary plastic bottles.

Thank you to APRON for its beautiful aprons used during the event.

Images by Miriam from Kissandchips.

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