A sofa that is also a screen.


Hand in hand with Karim Rashid, we have created a contemporary couch that is ideal for a range of projects. The back doubles as a wall-like screen that provides an oasis of personal space – we can even hang our scarf or coat on a hook while we are waiting. The headrest, cushions and arms are all available in different fabrics, adding an element of fun to any area.

The Float is available in three sizes: two sofas with a low back and one sofa with a high back, so the product will fit a range of applications. The latter can be configured to include straight arms or a reclining version to lie back on like a divan, as well as the option of fitting coat hooks. Karim has even designed a special fabric called Cairo to use on the headrests and scatter cushions.

Karim Rashid

"Objects do not have meaning. But if an object is thoughtful we project meaning onto it in daily life."

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