Don't take things too seriously, and just chill.


Soft, floor-level volumes to create a chill-out effect, ideal for socialising or relaxing. Duo have been shaped to achieve a refined design, with rounded forms and soft angles.

Both aesthetic and highly functional, the Duo by Rafa García has been a staple in our catalogue since 2004. Eighteen years later, the designer has boldly reinterpreted his creation, replacing it with Duo Mini and Duo Maxi.

Their sectional character gives them a flexible and versatile identity, accentuated by new sizes. The main differences between Mini and Maxi are the depth of the seat and the modules available. In addition, each of the modules can now be used independently and we have improved the finishes as every little detail counts.

Duo Maxi’s deep seat enables the playful use of scatter cushions or even extra back cushions.

Its hidden feet make its voluminous silhouette appear to float gracefully above the floor.

As fabrics and finishes are updated constantly, some featured here may not be available. Download our latest options or contact your local sales person for advice.​

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Rafa García

"The relationship between a designer and his pieces is so close and special that they feel a part of him, it is for this reason the designer always gives his all when creating."
Industrial designer.

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