Flower Power S Raw

Vase 27x28

If you would love to be a geologist, Stone is your version of Flower Power Raw.

Designed by Estudio Sancal.

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These cheerful vases are decorative items to make cheer anyone up, either covering a vase of flowers, or, why not, as an ornamental element by itself. Always with a lot of art.

After the illustrated first versions, Estudio Sancal has added a stark variety of Flower Power vases.

The colour of these new “Raw” versions is taken from a most sober palette, where grey, red and yellow predominate. As a counterpoint, the braided handles give piece a homely touch.

Like its predecessors, they are conceived as textile vases that gives ordinary plastic bottles a new lease of life.

Flower Power is a fun way to use recycled materials. Simply slip the felt cover over a water bottle to give it a new lease of life as a vase.

How does it work?

  1. Cut a bottle of 5 o 2* litres a couple of centimetres below the height of your Flower Power. If you prefer, you can also use a glass jar or tall vase with a diameter of 6 or 9 cm*.
  2. Half fill your bottle and add some pebbles as a counterweight.
  3. Open the Flower Power by gently pushing on both sides and slide it over the bottle.
  4. Arrange your flowers.


Hand wash with pH neutral detergent
Do not rub.
Do not wring out.
Dry flat.

MaterialRecyclable polyester
Braided HandlesBraided Handles

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